Dump Trailers

This was one of the first trailers Liberty designed and its quality shows. There are a lot of models, sizes, weights and uses for this trailer offered in gooseneck, bumper-pull, low profile and deck-over. All the way from the homeowner’s smaller 5 x 8 to the heavy duty serious commercial size of 18’and 20,000 lb GVWR, there’s a perfect size to meet your specific needs.


At Liberty Trailers every trailer we manufacture includes a high quality Powder Coat finish. Powder Coat is a much higher quality coating than conventional liquid spray coatings. Powder coating provides superior corrosion protection, higher weatherability, longer gloss retention and high impact resistance, making it the longest lasting and most durable finish in the trailer industry.

Powder Coated Logo

Color Options

  • Mirror Black (Standard)
  • Aluminum Gray Metallic
  • Standard Red
  • Regatta Blue
  • Implement Yellow
  • Implement Green

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