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Liberty Industries, Inc. is a trailer manufacturer located in Fillmore, Indiana. We build a variety of trailers suitable for homeowners and businesses such as dumps, equipment haulers, flatbeds, utilities, etc. I started the company from scratch in 1998 in Clayton, IN with a vision to build top quality trailers at value prices. To meet the increasing demand for our trailers, we quickly out grew our facility in Clayton and moved to Fillmore in 1999 where we continue to grow and expand. Although our company is smaller in comparison to some of the other trailer manufacturers, our name is becoming well-known in the trailer industry for our product’s superior quality. We are a family-owned and family-ran business with a vested interest in the success of our dealers and the satisfaction of our customers.

Liberty Industries is proud to manufacture and sell high quality trailers to a network of dealers located throughout the U.S. and Canada. Please browse our website for details on all the models and options offered. If you would like more information on becoming a dealer, please visit our Why Become a Dealer page to learn more about us. If you would like to locate an authorized Liberty dealer near you, please use our online Dealer Locator.

Kurt Clearwaters
Liberty Industries, Inc.

A quick visual history

Clayton, Indiana - 1998

Clayton, Indiana - 1998

Sunrise in Fillmore - 2017

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Liberty Industries, Inc.
130 E Cemetery Road
Fillmore, Indiana 46128
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Become a part of Liberty Industries, Inc. Start a career in the utility trailer business.

Positions may include:

  • Management
  • Manufacturing and design
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Trailer Parts and Equipment
  • Accounting
  • Purchasing
  • Office, clerical and support staff
  • Transportation: Class A CDL drivers, both short and long haul

Note: This is not a listing of open positions.

Fill out our General Application and send resume to employment@liberty-industries.com

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